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Your logo is your brand and should be treated as such. It's a trademark of your company and or your product. It needs to unique wether it's simple or complex...Its purpose is to give your clients and proposed clients a visual image that they will remember and recognize every time they see it - tying it to you and or your business. Before starting on your logo creation venture keep in mind the following: • What is your business purpose • How do you want people to view your business • How will you be using your logo (business card, sign or banner, flyer, postcard, advertisements, website, t-shirts and other apparel, stickers...) This will determine how many colors your logo will be and if you will need more than one version (multi-color and one color). All logos are created in a vector format which allows them to be sized up or down depending on the use without distortion. The logo that will be created is your logo and I do not have nor do I want the rights to your logo - It's yours. Logo Fees start at $200. To save you money and me time (time is money) please think about the above...the more you have a clear idea of what you want and are able to communicate your needs and wants with your designer the smoother the process will go...

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